Why Mining Companies Prefer Diesel Based Equipment

Rush Exhaust Purification is an organisation that is at the forefront of specializing in exhaust purification for the use in off road equipment, predominantly known as underground mining and the forklift industry.

Diesel Particulate Filters available from Rush Exhaust Purification is a visible cloud of black smoke that appears from engine start-up and continues to appear when the engine is running.

Diesel based equipment has multiple components that produce low levels of carbon monoxide in the exhaust. This is of paramount importance due to the underground mining equipment operating in a workplace with limited fresh air supply.

Mining companies offer a distinctive range of services that requires reliable equipment and machinery that should be operated at maximum efficiency and labour productivity.

Diesel generators are useful in producing electricity by burning diesel fuel where a combination of an electric generator and diesel engine is used to generate electricity. The two main characteristics of the generator is the versatility and emission of the burning diesel.

Mining sites and environments are predominantly exposed to harmful chemical combinations, which need to be kept under control through auxiliary power purposes. Additional characteristics of the diesel generator include the lights, fans and switches in order to support the propulsion system.

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