What Is The Function Of A Fume Diluter?

A fume diluter is perfect for mining and tunneling applications where workers are at a higher risk of being exposed to high temperature and harmful exhaust gas concentrations. In addition to diluting your exhaust gases, the fume diluters also provide a substantial reduction of exhaust gas temperature, which ultimately leads to a safer and less hazardous working environment.

Fume diluters features:

  • The fume diluters will greatly dilute and cool harmful engine exhaust gases ensuring the operators are working in a safer and healthier environment
  • Reduced risk of igniting nearby flammable or combustible materials due to lower exhaust temperatures
  • For operators of vehicles within tunnels, containers and warehouses, fume diluters can be designed such that the exhaust flow is protected away from the vehicle or stationary equipment
  • Quite operation. There are no mechanical or moving parts
  • Ruggedly built to withstand rough operating conditions for extended periods
  • Have a low initial cost with minimal maintenance requirements resulting in a very low total life-cycle cost

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